Zurn Pex QQPC55X QickSert CR Coupling - 1 inch Barb

Zurn Pex


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QickSert CR (Corrosion Resistant) fittings are specifically designed for hot and cold potable water PEX distribution systems, especially in areas with aggressive water chemistries. QickSert CR fittings demonstrate excellent strength which enables them to withstand the effects of tough job site conditions. Additionally, QickSert CR fittings are highly resistant to scaling and pitting, as well as other forms of corrosion, such as stress corrosion cracking, that are associated with aggressive water. In service throughout North America, approved by ASTM and listed with NSF and CSA, QickSert CR Fittings are available in a variety of sizes and configurations. With our fitting system the QickSert CR Fittings can be easily inserted into the end of a PEX pipe, after which a tightly sealed connection can be made with your choice of crimp ring system.

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