Yamaha LUB-P4040-KT-00 Yamalube Pressure Washer Tune-Up Kit - PW4040



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The new PW4040 Tune-Up Kit will service both the engine and the water pump on the PW4040. This kit includes Yamalube engine oil, Yamalube specialty additives, and our Pressure Washer Pump Protector to protect the pump from corrosion and freezing during storage periods. In addition, the kit includes the specific Yamaha Genuine Parts needed for replacement, and a handy Yamalube disposable funnel. Everything you need in one convenient kit for an oil change and tune-up! Contents: Yamalube 10W-30 Performance All Purpose Engine Oil (37 oz.), Pressure Washer Pump Oil, Pressure Washer Pump Protector, Fuel Med RX, Spark Plug, Foam Filter Oil, Foam Air Filter, Drain Screw Washer, and Yamalube Disposable Funnel. Applications: PW4040 (Pressure Washer).


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