Pinnacle 18-5500CB Super Combo Washer/Dryer XL - 18 lb Capacity, Classic Blue



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The Super Combo is the latest edition in Pinnacle's lineup and features new Sanitize, Allergen, Quiet and Winterize programs. The 5500 features a color-coded, intuitive control panel with a fully automated simple 2-Step operation. With a capacity of 18 lbs the Super Combo can wash and dry completely automatically in a single unit. It uses sensors to measure the correct water for a wash load and will heat dry for the optimum time without any waste of energy. It is the only combo in the world which offers an optional vented or condensing dry that can be changed according to the season at the touch of a button (patent pending). Discover the convenience of completely automatic laundry in your RV. Features: Color Code LED Display, Ultimate Convenience, Smart Technology, Better Drying, Sanitize & Self-Clean, Allergen Cycle, Anti-Bacterial Drum Baffles, Quiet Cycle, Winterize, Child Lock, End of Cycle Chime, Built-In Diagnostics, Add-A-Sock, Delay Start, 10 Wash Cycles, Oversuds Control, Start / Pause function, Easy to open coin trap, Adjustable Leveling legs - 4, Energy saving - auto display off after 5 min, Venting Booster fan option to blow air 50 ft, and Angled 45 door handle (Reduces bending). Wash Cycles: NORMAL, Prewash, Heavy, ECO, Quick 20, Delicate, Wool, Quiet 60 db, Allergen, and Sanitize. Dry Cycles: Sensor Dry, Time Dry 60 min, and Refresh 12 min.

Classic Blue

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