WFCO Technologies WF-8950L2-REP Lithium Converter Replacement Kit

WFCO Technologies


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Our WF-8950L2-REP lithium converter replacement kit allows easy upgrade of existing power centers. Technicians can easily remove the lower section of certain power center brands and slide in the WF-8950L2-REP unit. This exchange upgrades the old single stage charger to a high-performance three-stage charging powerhouse. To make installation easy, WFCO’s complete replacement kit includes the converter, a new DC fuse board, and required fasteners. The WFCO WF-8950L2-REP is optimized to safely charge deep-cycle lithium iron phosphate batteries, while powering the RV’s lights and appliances. The multi-stage process ensures a safe operating voltage for all loads, replaces energy back into the lithium-ion battery, and assures the lithium cells inside the batteries remain balanced.

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