Torklift A7744 HiddenPower Auxiliary Under-Vehicle Battery Mount



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Please call 320-763-7701 for product availability.

The Torklift International HiddenPower is a unique and convenient auxiliary under vehicle battery mount for all types of Group 24, 27 and 31 twelve volt batteries such as lead acid, AGM, sealed, gel cell etc. Engineered as a no drill installation with quick disconnect electrical connectors this system quickly attaches to the trucks frame under your truck. The HiddenPower allows you to have extra battery power in your RV significantly extending the time you can run on your 12 volt systems by adding an extra battery that is tied into your truck's electrical charging system which keeps the battery charged and healthy and always ready for RVing with little to no maintenance. The HiddenPower auxiliary battery is designed to be an extension of your RV's battery when your RV is plugged into your truck and will recharge via your RV's existing solar panels, generator, converter etc. at the same rate that your RV's batteries charge.

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