Torklift A7736 ExtendedPower Kit for SuperTruss Dual Extension



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Please call 320-763-7701 for product availability.

The ExtendedPower is a universal battery mount for housing extra truck camper batteries while mounted on any hitch receiver extension. It provides RV battery security and becomes an extension of your truck camper batteries. Depending on desired application it can easily recharge via solar panels, generators, converters or your truck’s alternator. By wiring the spare batteries housed on the ExtendedPower, enjoy accessing extra power for your RV and your accessories including lights, stereo, computers, winches and more. The ExtendedPower battery system can be plugged into your factory RV plug†† on the back of your truck to facilitate an automatic charge by your trucks alternator. It includes a secure RV battery box and incorporates an extra battery mount which allows you to power your accessories without having to turn the truck engine on and wasting valuable fuel.

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