Torklift A7311 Stable Load Spring Pads - A7311

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StableLoad A7311 quick-disconnect model wth drill kit attaches to th vehicle's lower factory installed overloads and cause leaf springs to come in contact sooner. Activating the overloads sooner dramatically improves handling and reduces vehicle sway when hauling or towing. Includes 4 StableLoads and drill kit to outfit one vehicle. Legendary lifetime warranty extends to vehicle leaf springs. Proudly made in the USA.


2005-2011 Ford E250/E350


A7311 (WITH DRILL KIT) will fit any passenger or commercial vehicle, Van, SUV, Truck, RV etc. with rear leaf springs and lower overload spring. The lower overload leaf can be identified by being on the very bottom of the spring pack, being thicker than the rest of the leaf springs in the spring pack and generally speaking having a gap between the lower overload leaf spring and the upper leaf spring pack.
- ?Drilling four 3/8 holes required. Specially treated drill bits and detailed drilling instructions are incl

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