Thetford 62010 Protect All - All Surface Care - Gallon



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Protect All Polish, Wax and Treatment truly is the most unique vehicle surface care product available. The concept - a single product that can be sprayed on virtually any presentable surface, wiped to dry to create a naturally beautiful finish. Use on fiberglass, paint, chrome, stainless, aluminum, Plexiglas, glass, rubber and more. No need to worry about powdery residue as the product dries clear in a crack or crevice. Protects All Polish, Wax and Treatment creates a glossy caranuba wax finish in a fraction of the time and effort of other multiple component wax systems. Protects All Polish, Wax and Treatment contains no abrasives so it's ideal for use on clear-coat finishes as well as plastic and vinyl. An additional bonus feature is a UV inhibitor to aid in protecting surfaces exposed to the damaging effects of the suns' ultra-violet rays. Spray on wipe dry application saves the user up to 60% in time and effort making owners of large RVs and boats especially happy.


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