Thermaline RK-THERM.102 RK-THERM Repair Kit



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The Thermaline RK-THERM Repair Kit is required for update replacement if the Therm Head Nut Assembly (85063) is manufactured before July 2011. This kit includes the following Thermaline parts: (80014) Brass Handle, (80017) Packing Nut, (30247) Packing, (85064) Head Nut Assembly, (80066) Yoke Nut, (85015) Combination Valve Assembly, (80062) Heater Well Thumb Nut, and the (80063) Heater Well Washer. The Thermaline is a compact unit especially designed to provide water service to mobile homes. It is ideal wherever a freezeless sanitary tight line installation is needed, such as, waterers for livestock.

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