TeraPump 20000 Battery Powered Fuel Transfer Pump - TRFA01 3rd Generation, 3 GPM



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The flexible intake hose that's equipped with the TRFA01 provides more flexibility at getting that last drop of fuel in your can. It fits most fuel can sizes and effectively reduces wasted fuel allowing a pleasant transfer process. The TRFA01 comes with three different-sized adapters to give a tight and clean fit, ensuring that there will be no fume or gas leakage. The dimensions of the three can adapters are as follows: 1.7" x 2.1", 1.6" x 2" and 1.6" x 2.75". The built-in advanced auto-stop feature automatically stops when the transfer process is complete; just sit back and watch it work! As of 2019, the TRFA01 Battery Powered Fuel Transfer Pump now features 5 percent to 10% flow increase and an updated rain-resistant cover to prevent rain water from entering and shorting circuits! This pump is compatible with any non-corrosive liquids such as gasoline, diesel and water (NOT drinking water).


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