Stromberg Carlson CC-300 Accessory Hitch Adjustable

Stromberg Carlson


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Love our CC-100 Cargo Caddy but don’t have a hitch to mount it into? Need a place to mount your Stromberg Carlson Bike Rack/Carrier but don’t trust the strength of your hollow bumper? Check out our Adjustable Accessory Hitch for all your cargo carrying needs. Let us help you get the junk out of your trunk! The CC-300 Adjustable Accessory Hitch provides a 2" hitch for travel trailers and fifth wheels. Bolts on as Class I or welds on as Class II hitch to frame. Can mount to side wall of frame or horizontal wall of "C" channel or "I" Beam with angled hardware. For use with bike racks, cargo carriers and other accessories. Not to be used pulling cars or boats if bolted in Class 1 Configuration.

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