SmartPlug BM50S Stainless Steel Inlet and Cover Assembly - 50 Amp



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SmartPlug’s 50A 125V/250V inlets have been designed to be used with 3-wires (125V) or 4-wires (250V) in a single inlet. The inlet connector provides 20X’s more electrical contact area eliminating the overheating conditions seen with twist-type connectors. The solid sleeve connection and weatherproof seal makes it a preferred option. The mounting flange holes match existing inlets so it can be easily installed to replace the old twist-type inlet products in minutes. The inlets are available in stainless steel and three non-metallic colors, (White, Black or Gray), of high performance/flame resistant material. Increased pin and clip surface area greatly improves electrical conductivity during high amperage demand. No twist required, the unique plug body shape and push-in design mean it only goes in the right way every time - even in the dark! Side clips and inlet cover lock the plug body securely into the inlet which eliminates any stress on the electrical components by the movement of the power cord. Multi-fin silicone gaskets installed in the inlet cover and the plug body eliminates moisture penetration. Inlet mounting flange holes match twist-type holes for an installation that is typically finished in 30 minutes.


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