Smart Solutions 00011 Rock Solid Tow Guard - Truck/SUV, 14" L x 34" W

Smart Solutions


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Rock Solid for trucks and SUV’s is now made of exhaust heat resistant rubber. The new material is 3/8” thick vulcanized molded rubber that is impervious to extreme exhaust heat. This new material won’t melt or deform when subjected to exhaust heat (even from diesel vehicles). It is still slitted to allow flexibility and prevent heat build up. The Rock Solid is the effective way to reduce the costly damage that road debris cause to your towed vehicle. The Rock Solid's design allows air to flow through the vented flaps, but sturdy enough to stop rocks or small road debris. The Rock Solid is available in two sizes and installs easily onto your pick-up or RV. Made of durable all-weather resistant TPR (thermoplastic rubber) material. The two-piece design is fabricated in flexible strips of material attached to a steel angled channel. Both models mount installs on the hitch insert of most 2" receiver hitches and slides on and off for easy removal when not towing. All brackets, hardware, mounting bar are included in both hitch mount kits.


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