Ready America MRV-630BK MAXGrip Thumb Lock Fastener System With Tether For Large TVs - Black

Ready America


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MAXGrip is the heavyweight of Thumb Lock fasteners in size and fastening performance. The patented design eliminates strap slippage, and a rear safety tether protects units from pitching and falling. The two-corner kit is designed for 20 inch TVs. Two kits are recommended for 27 inch and 32 inch units. Thumb Lock is a strong, durable, easy to use fastening system that quickly secures portable TV's, computers, and countless other objects at risk of falling in boats and RVs. Quick-release locks open easily to release and reattach equipment. The fasteners attach with industrial strength 3M adhesive pads. The peel and press adhesive pads attach easily and bond strongly to most nonporous materials. Mounting holes allow the fasteners to be screw-fixed for added strength or to surfaces not suitable for adhesive attachment.

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