Quick Products QP-SBSBU Standard RV Bumper Support Bracket

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RV bumpers may hold up during the eye test, looking strong enough to hold any add-on accessory. Go ahead, load on your bike racks and cargo carriers. After all, what could go wrong? The answer – nearly anything. Bumpers, while they may look strong, are not. The 4" x 4" hollow tube will generally be welded on, but that is often not enough. The leverage advantage your cargo carriers and add-ons gain against the bumper will surpass many manufacturer recommended weight capacities, while constant bouncing, turning and shifting can force extreme levels of torque against the welds. Just one speed bump, pothole, or mile of rough road can cause a bumper failure that will spill your precious cargo four lanes wide across the interstate.

Give your bumper some support. The Quick Products RV Bumper Support Bracket will do just that. Bolting directly to the RV’s frame, the brackets transfer the additional weight and torque of the cargo from a place that can’t handle it – the aforementioned bumper – to a place that can – the RV’s frame. The brackets cradle the bumper, holding it tight against the RV, stopping it from breaking loose or bending out of position and upgrading the bumper’s maximum weight capacity to 400 lbs. The high strength steel brackets will not bend or break while properly installed. Support bracket installation is easy, but some drilling and tools are required. All mounting hardware is included.

Standard Support Brackets fit standard 4" x 4" bumpers only, and are compatible with the following RV frame styles: tube frames, channel frames, and I-beam frames 6" tall or larger.


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