Quick Products QP-PWMRR Pivoting Wall-Mount Receiver Rack - Versatile Storage Device for Bike Racks, Cargo Carriers, and other Hitch-Mount Accessories

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We get it, bike rack storage can be a real pain. Their bulky size and offset balance never settles comfortably into the corner of your garage and it takes up too much space to make it worth while to take off your car's receiver. But you can't leave it there forever, can you? At Quick Products, we've put in the time and effort needed to come up with a solution for the bike rack storage issue, and have created the versatile Pivoting Wall-Mount Receiver Rack! No longer does your bike rack have to sit unattended in a corner; mount the receiver rack to a wall stud and store your rack directly on it instead! The clever pivoting design rotates its receiver a full 180 degrees, providing options to keep your rack in a number of different positions from straight out to flush against the wall. The wall-mount design lets you mount the receiver rack at any height you want, freeing up valuable floor space by allowing the rack to sit above your vehicle or lawn mower. The receiver rack fits 2" receiver accessories by itself, but includes an adapter to fit 1.25" accessories just as easily. While focused on bike rack storage, the Pivoting Wall-Mount Receiver Rack is also an excellent option for cargo carriers, hitch-mount spare tire carriers, spare ball mounts, and more! Maximum Weight Capacity: 90 lbs. All necessary mounting hardware is included. Does not include a hitch pin.


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