PullRite 2616 Bed Support Bracket Kit for GM Trucks (2011-2019)



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The concept of a hitch without a Four Point (4P) Rail Mounted system with supporting brackets attached to the frame, leaves something to be desired. A fully-supported mounting system must be in place and Single Point (1P) mounting systems need every bit, if not more, of that frame support to prevent damage to the truck bed over time. A dispersed load weight needs to go somewhere, and in most 1P systems, that weight is distributed to the underbed cross sills (or crossmembers) that provide support the truck bed on the frame. This issue is not specific to the SuperLite #2600 or #3900 Super 5th. We are, however, the only company that performed the necessary testing to discover the need for it and requires additional frame support to maintain a higher weight rating. With proper stress testing, we found it necessary to create no-drill brackets that would provide the metal-to-metal, downward support that we needed to maintain a solid 20K rating. Ford and Dodge’s cross sills are located underneath, or very close to, each of the #2600’s Bed Saver Rails, but Chevy/GMC manufactured their cross sills unevenly spaced under the bed, and are located too far away from the hitch to provide proper support for 20K towing. The kit includes bed support brackets and hardware.

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