PullRite 1500 OE Series 18K Super 5th, Fifth Wheel Hitch for Long Bed Chevy/GMC Trucks with OE Pucks



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Please call 320-763-7701 for product availability.

The #1500 OE Puck Series Super 5th is designed specifically for Chevy/GMC long bed trucks with pucks, but usable with short bed trucks with the right truck/trailer combination for those who don't mind making a larger turning radius to avoid cab contact. But if you want a true solution to short bed cab clearance limitations, check out SuperGlide for a fully automatic, sliding hitch!! This direct attachment hitch mounts directly to your truck's OE mounting points...NO ADAPTER OR RAILS NEEDED! The mounting post assemblies are completely removable for easier removal and installation of the hitch. Simply unpin handles, rotate 1/4 turn outward and lift the hitch out of the bed. NO TOOLS NEEDED! The #1500 is made from high quality American steel and premium hardware, like the use of castle nuts that allow for finer adjustments of the OE puck handles for ease of installation and fit! The hitch plate is the first connection to your trailer. Ours have a fully automatic locking jaw, is the only self-locking handle on the market and has no secondary locking devices to engage. Its dual articulating hitch head moves side-to-side and front-to-back, giving you a smoother ride as you travel over bumpy roads. Even more important, PullRite's hitch plate allows you to couple/uncouple your trailer on uneven ground, whereas most other brand of hitches require you to jack up/shim your truck and trailer to be level with one another to prevent a false hookup or "high hooking." And removing PullRite's automatically-locking hitch plate is done by pulling two pins and clips, unlike other hitches on the market that require tools for removal. Available in a heavier 25K weight rating is the #1600 OE Series Super 5th.

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