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The Super Combo is a savvy space and energy saving laundry solution that fits your life no matter where you are. It's the world's first convertible venting and condensing combo washer-dryer, designed to address laundry challenges. It is only 22 inches deep but can accommodate 13 pounds of laundry. Features include auto water level, sensor dry, 1200 rpm spin speed, LED display and refresh. It also features add-a-sock stopping, delayed start, wrinkle guard, a second fan at the exhaust outlet for faster drying, another industry first and push-button selection of vent or condenser drying. Special features for developing countries include an onboard surge protector, a cleanable water filter, a bottom panel to prevent pests and a secondary pump to draw water from an alternative source such as a bucket. The Super Combo stands out for its innovative, eco-friendly application of futuristic technology and by providing answers for real laundry problems.

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