Minute Man Anchors 3030 Steel Mobile Home Piers - 30" to 32"

Minute Man Anchors


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These innovative mobile home stands are lightweight and stackable for easy storage, shipping, and handling, making dealer lot or owner park set-ups simple and quick. The mobile home set-up time with these stands compared to that with heavy concrete blocks is reduced by as much as 75%. Stands are available in 13 sizes for convenient, precision installation. Each size adjusts a maximum of two inches in height, thus no wood or other type of shims are necessary. Tested and proven, these stands far surpass mobile home ultimate load requirements. When used for owner set-ups without wheels, only 16 stands are required to support a 14' x 70' mobile home in place of the usual, cumbersome, 64 concrete blocks. Each stand will bear more than 19,650 lbs. of pressure - more than 15 times the actual mobile home load of 1,268 lbs. on each stand. NOTE: Piers and heads must be ordered separately.


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