Lippert 813749 Power Swap Auxiliary Cord for Power Stance Tongue Jack



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Add the Power Swap Auxiliary Cord to your Power Stance 3500 tongue jack to equip it with a more convenient, less hassle power source. The Power Swap is a 2-way to 7-way plug that connects your jack right to the power in your tow vehicle. No more draining the battery in your RV. And no more worrying whether or not there’s an available power supply. Simply connect the 2-way plug to your Power Stance 3500 and the 7-way plug to your tow vehicle’s adapter. This allows you to use the power in your vehicle to lower or lift your trailer. And when you’re done, the Power Stance comes equipped with a storage area made just for the Power Swap Auxiliary Cord to be tucked away neatly. It’s as easy as that.

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