Lippert 786037 Thin Shade Ready RV Window Shade for Prepped LCI Entry Doors



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Lippert Components has prepped more than 100,000 RV entry doors for its revolutionary Thin Shade, a pleated window shade that’s integrated inside the entry door window frame, creating a sleek, attractive look. The integrated Thin Shade keeps the sun’s rays out of your RV living space, helping to regulate the interior temperature. The Thin Shade also provides instant privacy when needed. With its easy retract and extend operation, the Thin Shade offers instant privacy by simply pulling down on the shade handle. Other sun-blocking products on the market require snaps or Velcro to hold them in place - this is not only unattractive but requires them to be stored when not in use. The Thin Shade’s simple, integrated design is not only sleek but will never have to be stored when not in use. The Thin Shade Ready Kit can be installed on any prepped Lippert Components Entry Door Window, denoted by a “Thin Shade Ready” decal on the inside door window frame. Installation takes just a few minutes. Simply pop the frame out with a screwdriver, install the pleated shade, then place the frame back into position.

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