Lippert 328330 L05 Rota-Flex Pin Box - 18,000 lbs.



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Improve the quality of your ride with the CURT Rota-Flex 5th wheel pin box. While chucking often occurs as a result of the king pin jerking inside the hitch, the Rota-Flex features a pivoting head that controls back and forth movement of the king pin within the hitch which reduces chucking and leads to a smoother ride. What makes this pin box particularly unique is that chucking is significantly reduced as a result of the pin box head moving instead of the king pin itself. The Rota-Flex also contains a robust rubber compound in its head that absorbs road shock and vibrations, resulting in less strain and reduced wear and tear on your trailer as you travel. Tow your trailer with confidence while enjoying the peaceful ride to your destination. The Rota-Flex pin box has a gross trailer weight of 18,000 lbs. and is designed to replace Lippert 1621 or 1621HD pin boxes. It uses the same bolts as the original pin box, so no additional hardware is needed to install it. Simply take it out of the box and hook it on to your trailer as it comes completely assembled and ready for installation. This 5th wheel pin box is constructed with high-strength steel and a black powder coat finish that protects against rust, giving you the power to tow steadily through all the adventures that lie ahead.

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