Lippert 2021000090 Screen Assist



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Have you ever tried getting out of your RV but your arms are occupied with groceries, gear, or maybe even a tired kid? Fussing with the handle or using your foot to kick the screen door open can be a little tricky — not to mention dangerous for you and potentially damaging to your RV screen door. That's why we designed the Screen Assist™, a screen door cross bar that helps you get out of your rig with minimal effort, enhanced stability, and maximum convenience. This easy-to-install bar provides a simple, safe way to open your RV screen door – plus, it protects your screen door from wear and tear and potential damage you can cause by forcing your screen door open in those tricky situations. If installed on Lippert Screen Doors with lever handles, Screen Assist also features an articulating function that integrates in a way that allows for effortless opening and unlatching from your entry door.

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