Lippert 182904 Happijac Direct-to-Frame Tiedown Components - FT-CG07



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After extensive research Happijac Company has perfected an innovative Frame Mount Tiedown System that is three times stronger than other tiedowns and controls all aspects of securing a camper to a truck. While other tiedowns may hold your camper down, only Happijac tiedowns prevent camper movement in all directions (forward-backward, up-down, left-right, yaw, pitch and roll). The Happijac Frame Mount System combines the proven design of Happijac Camper Anchor tiedowns with Happijac's patented Direct-to-Frame mount, providing the customer with unsurpassed strength, handling, and ease of use while also featuring quick and simple installation. The complete Happijac Frame Mount Tiedown System consists of three components: an FT tiedown kit with centering guide locks (FT-UT9, FT-CG9, FT-CG07, FT-CG07S, FT-DR8 or FT-DR2), turnbuckles (FM-QLTB or FM-TB), and a Stabilizing Bar (USB-010,SB-080 or SB -020).

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