Lippert 182895 Qwik-Load Turnbuckles



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When it's time to hit the open road in your truck camper, make sure the camper is secured to the bed using HappiJac Qwik-Load Turnbuckle tie-downs. You've invested a lot in your truck camper and knowing it's tied down securely with a high-quality bed and bumper-attached anchor point system will give you piece of mind on your way to your favorite camping spot. HappiJac Qwik-Load Turnbuckle tie downs are extremely durable and—due to its zinc-coated, stainless-steel construction—offer reliable rust and corrosion protection. They also include easy-to-use, deep tension-release rubberized levers for turnbuckle adjustment (no more manual tightening!), spring-loaded front turnbuckle to ease stress on anchor points, and rubber-dampened rear turnbuckles. The adjustments work with any size truck bed and—after the proper adjustment is made—can be locked in using the stainless-steel locking pin. With the four turnbuckles included in each pack, you'll be ready to securely install your truck camper in no time! Kit comes with (4) HappiJac Qwik-Load turnbuckles. Front turnbuckle: min. reach 16-1/2”; max. reach 23-1/2”; hook length 11”. Rear turnbuckle: min. reach 22-1/2”; max. reach 35-1/2”; hook length 24”.

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