IPI Industries YMH1.2000IS B.E.R.G. I Single System For Yamaha 1000/2000

IPI Industries


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IPI Industries' B.E.R.G. (Breeze Extended Run Generator System) Systems are made with Aerospace grade material that will not be damaged by gas, freeze in the cold or fade in the sun. It has a flexible hose and all of its systems have a very easy, non-invasive set-up. Each system keeps your generators running for an extended period of time. You can use your own gas tank of any size to keep it running for a longer or shorter period of time, the tank just needs a drop tube. B.E.R.G. I Single System uses the internal fuel pump from inside the generator to create suction that siphons the gas out of the tank and into the generator - like a vacuum. Because of this, you do not need to elevate the gas tank above the generator. Each B.E.R.G. I Single System includes a 6 gallon Attwood fuel tank, hose assembly, cap assembly and all necessary fittings and connections. The single system keeps your generator running up to 72 hours without refueling. Compatible brands for Single and Dual B.E.R.G. Systems: Honda (EU1000i/EU2000i) (Camo and Companion), Polaris (P1000/P2000), Campion (2000W) (73535i, 73536i, 73540i, 73534i), Generac (IX800, IX1400, IX1600), Kipor (IG770, IG1000, IG2000, IG2600), Ryobi (RYi2200) and Yamaha (EF1000iS).


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