Hayes 81742B Energizer III+ Proportional Brake Controller



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Energize III+ all electronic brake controller features a patented sensing device that automatically monitors and measures tow vehicle deceleration and applies the trailer brakes in direct proportion. It reacts instantly to any change in brake pedal pressure and ensures controlled, smooth stops. Trailer and tow vehicle stoplights operate automatically when the manual lever or trailer brakes are applied. Energizer III+ is recommended for medium and heavy duty trailers with 2, 4, and 6 electric trailer brakes. Easy to install mounting bracket and instructions included with VHB Tape for peel and stick installation. Trailer/tow vehicle stoplights operate when trailer brakes are applied automatically or with a manual lever. Features: Proportional electronic trailer brake controller, combines the best of the Energize III and XPC into one unit, reduces inventory, 3 axis accelerometer, faster/smoother stopping performance with extra power and control, provides automatic and manual trailer braking, 100% braking power in manual mode, and a wide range of mounting positions and pendulum adjustability. Five year limited warranty. Available in Bulk (12 Pack) for Service Dealer: #81742BSD.

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