Girard 2022107534 On-Demand GSWH-2 Tankless RV Water Heater



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Girard's new GSWH-2 is the culmination of years of research and experience. Girard listened to its customers and incorporated everything they wanted into its new RV Tankless Water Heater. Endless hot water that is easy to operate, turn on the hot water and add cold water to the desired temperature. The on-board micro-processor monitors the incoming cold water temperature, the flow rate and the outgoing hot water temperature to maintain a constant, steady hot water flow. The "state of the art" interior wall mounted digital controller shows the operating functions, allows for temperature setting from 95°F to 124°F, it also can be changed to Celsius. Parents will love the ability to pre-set the hot water temperature to a lower temperature and not worry that the water may get too hot! The UCP also features visual diagnostics which allows for easy trouble-shooting. Finally, a water heater door that is easy to open and close (sold separately). No more twist-latches! The hinged door and sliding latch allows fast, easy access to the water heater. The silicone exhaust ring moves for easy alignment of the exhaust tube. OEM Part Number: 2GWHAM.

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