Genova 72530 Combination Tee Wye - 3"



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Schedule 40 (3.25" O.D.) DWV pipes and fittings are used in drain, waste, and vent applications and are designed to fit inside a 2" x 4" wall. Genova's 72530 Combination Tee Wye is an all HUB PVC fitting and is sometimes required in plumbing code areas to connect a branch line to a vertical drain pipe when a conventional tee fitting does not work. It may also be used for connecting horizontal branch pipes that are approaching horizontal drain pipes on the perpendicular. This fitting can also be made from combining the Wye and Street Eighth Bend fittings. Made from tough plastic material specially formulated to meet the conditions of sewer and drainage use. The diameter of this plug is 3". Refer to manufacturer recommendations to ensure a proper fit.


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