Furrion 2021124339 Faultsmart RV Power Cord 30A, 125V, Black - 36'



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Furrion 30A RV power cords are the perfect balance of strength, durability and flexibility. Our power cords are constructed to withstand harsh pull tests while flexible enough to coil and store easily. Integrated Powersmart technology provides valuable safety information at a glance. Our RV extension cords are made from heavy-duty, marine-grade materials, engineered to the highest standards for the harshest of outdoor conditions. The Furrion 30A RV power cord features Faultsmart reverse polarity and neutral loss indicators so you know you have a sound connection. Furrion power cables also feature molded rubber side grips for easy handling. This revolutionary design helps prevent neutral loss occurring by user error. This plug is a universal fit with other brands, providing versatility for your needs. Our cables are rated up to 600V with a 105° C plug, made to exact NEMA standards and are thermoplastic vinyl insulated. Furrion Reference Number: F30R36-SB-OEM.


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