Furrion 2021123735 32" Sense HD LED TV with Built-In Soundbar



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4K LED TV with built-in soundbar. Crystal clear images, direct-lit technology, built-in audio system, and custom trims for a superior viewing experience. K UHD upscaling elevates content with four times the pixels than HD TVs. Enjoy crisper visuals and an amplified sense of wonder. The Furrion Sense soundbar is discreet in design, yet unforgettable in performance. Powerful audio drivers deliver dynamic sound performance making the entire audiovisual experience every bit as memorizing as it is immersive. Added functions include Bluetooth, wireless subwoofer option and dual-room connectivity for external speakers. Furrion innovation is all about luxury in the context of exploration, so we designed our TVs to withstand all conditions. Vibrationsmart prevents damage caused by shock with metal-framed wall mounts for mobile applications. And our Climatesmart silicon-sealed components protect against damage from lower temperatures and higher humidity. We’ve engineered the CPU to process signals in real-time. This creates clearer motion and enhances your video and gaming experiences. The Precision color mapping technology adjusts tones, shades and gradients of light to produce natural 4K images, while the HDR heightens the dynamic range of the picture, increasing the contrast between the brightest whites and the darkest blacks.

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