FLEX-MEND FM-2850 Repair Tape - 28 in. x 50 ft.



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FLEX-MEND is a neat, fast, permanent, and inexpensive way to mend holes, cuts, and tears in most mobile home bottom closure materials. FLEX-MEND is a time tested mending product that matches the appearance and texture of bottom board closure materials used by most manufacturers in the mobile home industry today. FLEX-MEND is a woven polyethylene film that meets all requirements for use as bottom board by the mobile home industry. It is solid-coated with specially formulated, high tech adhesive, and has an easy-to-remove release liner. It goes on like a stick-on bandage! Every roll of FLEX-MEND is wound on a core with the FLEX-MEND Logo. Look for the logo to be sure you are buying genuine FLEX-MEND Products. Stocked in widths ranging from three inches up to 28 inches, and in lengths from 25 feet to 1,650 feet.


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