Fastway 92-00-1033 e2 Trunnion Hitch (No Shank) - 10,000 lbs.



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The Fastway e2 hitch offers faster and easier sway control and weight distribution. With built-in, permanent sway control, you can hitch up, tow, and unhitch with ease. There is nothing extra to connect or store, and nothing to remove when backing or making a tight turn. The e2's rigid brackets provide two points of steel-on-steel friction, constantly working to fight sway. Its unique design provides a level ride while minimizing sway caused by winds, semi trailers and sudden maneuvers. The e2 hitch comes in round-bar and trunnion styles. Both offer fast and easy sway control and weight distribution. The e2's smart design can be installed around gas tanks and battery boxes, works with surge brakes, and can accommodate any trailer type.

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