Extreme Max 5800.5852 Heavy-Duty Interlocking Wheel Chock for Tandem Axle Trailers and RVs - 9.2" x 8.2" x 4.7", Pair

Extreme Max


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Extreme Max's Heavy-Duty Interlocking Wheel Chocks are perfectly designed for heavy-duty applications, including RVs, trucks, and trailers! Their interlocking design allows the set to be used as two individual single-tire chocks, or locked together with a clever slide-lock design for use between the wheels on a tandem axle trailer or RV. Both chocks are constructed from a high-strength lightweight polypropylene and feature a durable rubber pad at the base of the chock, creating a soft, super-strong grip on a variety of surfaces. Use the chocks during storage, maintenance, campground parking, or just around the yard to keep your wheels from rolling away! Includes two single chocks that may be interlocked to form one tandem wheel chock. The individual chocks measure at 9.2" long x 8.2" wide x 4.7" tall. The interlocked tandem wheel configuration measures at 18" long x 8.2" wide x 4.7" tall.

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