Equal-i-zer 90-00-1069 Sway Control Hitch with Pre-Installed Hitch Ball - 1,000 lbs. TW/10,000 GTW



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The 90-00-1069 Equal-i-zer hitch with a pre-installed ball offers a 1,000 lb. maximum tongue weight and a 10,000 lb. maximum trailer weight. The shank allows a 3" drop and a 7" rise, measures 12" long, and fits 2" trailer hitch receivers. For over 70 years we have been keeping families safe on the road. The Equal-i-zer hitch’s integrated 4-Point Sway Control technology provides the safest towing possible and is backed by a lifetime warranty. Over 99% of our customers recommend the Equal-i-zer hitch to their friends, and our hitch has received national recognition for superior sway control and weight distribution. Every hitch is built from the highest-quality American steel, by people who care about your safety and take pride in their work. Whether you pass a semi-truck, experience gusty winds, or have to make a quick maneuver, our hitch will ensure your trailer stays right behind you, protecting both your trailer and your family.

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