Drymate CLMRF2836C Litter Trapping Mat - 28" x 36", Gray



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Reduce litter tracking with a Litter Trapping Mat from Drymate. The ridged material gently separates cats’ paws when they land on it, causing litter to release from their paws. Litter is trapped within the ridges of the mat, reducing tracking throughout your home. Not only does the Drymate Litter Trapping Mat reduce litter tracking, it also makes cleanup around the litter box easy. Gently shake the mat over the litter box to release trapped litter. Machine wash as needed. Cat with sensitive paws? No worries. The soft fibers of the Drymate Litter Mat are gentle on cats’ paws. The backing adds an additional layer of cushioning to ensure a soft landing for your pet. Featuring the same waterproof backing as our original Litter Mat, floors are protected from litter box misses and accidents. Made from a polyester fiber manufactured from 100% recycled bottles, the Litter Trapping Mat is environmentally friendly.


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