Diversitech IQP-120 ClearVu Condensate Pump with Floatless Sensor - 22 ft. Lift, 120V



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No Float, No Problems! ClearVue’s iQ Technology and Floatless Sensor make this the most advanced condensate pump ever. This new pump can provide up to 22 feet of lift if needed. ClearVue runs at the minimum speed needed, saving wear on the pump. The pump selects the lowest effective speed, making it quieter than a regular pump. Its unique self-cleaning feature senses problems and automatically enters a self-cleaning mode using condensate water to fix the issue. The ClearVue pump features a clear bottom tank to easily check the water level. Other features include: stainless steel mounting tabs, silicone rubber feet, reversible deck, four inlet holes, and LED indicator lights. ETL Listed File Number 3190890.

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