Dicor RP-IRCT-1 Coolcoat Insulating EPDM Roof Coating - 1 Gallon, Tan

Dicor Corporation


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CoolCoat is the industry's first EPDM insulating roof coating, lab proven to reduce heat flux transfer from the roof of your RV to the interior of your RV by 29%. It starts with 100% elastomeric premium resins, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide to create a brilliant white base pigment. Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide both block the sun's ultraviolet and infrared radiation to reflect heat off your roof and back into the air. CoolCoat contains MicroCells, nano-sized ceramic spheres that are vacuum formed eliminating all gas inside the microsphere. Vacuum technology, used for years in Thermos containers to keep liquids hot or cold for hours, substantially reduces heat flux transfer from the hot side of your RV roof to the cool side of your RV ceiling. Lab results confirmed that with CoolCoat, the interior ceiling remained at 76° F when the RV roof was a scorching 107°. CoolCoat means less heat transfer to your interior and that means less demand on your air conditioning, less wear on your compressor and less noise

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