Dicor RP-CRC-1 EPDM Rubber Roof Acrylic Coating Part 2 - White, 1 Gallon



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Dicor’s unique, specially formulated Acrylic Coating is a high solids acrylic elastomer coating system consisting of several components which work in various combinations depending on the roof substrate and condition. Superior weatherability, ultraviolet resistance, fire retardancy, elongation, flexibility, adhesion, and ease of application make the Dicor Acrylic Coating System an excellent protective elastomeric barrier to enhance the aesthetics and renew the surface of existing RV roofs. Dicor Acrylic Roof Coating is the second part of a two-part, commercial grade system. It must follow the application of Dicor’s Cleaner/Activator that ensures effective roof preparation and adhesion. Two coats are required. EPDM rubber & PVC roofing: Dicor’s Part 1 Cleaner/Activator Primer (RP-CRP-Q) is required prior to coating (sold separately). Be sure the Part 1 Cleaner/Activator Priming process is complete prior to applying acrylic coating. Coating may be applied by medium nap roller or brush. Dicor Acrylic Coating shall be applied in a minimum of 2 coats at a rate of 1 gallon/125 sq. ft. per coat (i.e. 8’ X 30’ roof takes 4 gallons).

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