Cruiser Accessories 79000 Universal License Plate Mount - Clear

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This is your solution to 'nontraditional' license plate mounting hole spacing and unique bumper configurations! Traditional mounting hole spacing is 7", but that measurement is not universal through every auto maker. In addition, a standard license plate may also not fit a rounded, curved, or angled bumper. The Universal License Plate Mount is here to save the day, allowing a custom fit to your bumper configuration that fits all standard 6" x 12" novelty/license plates. The kit includes 1 Universal License Plate Mount, 4 #2 Phillips Head Screws (6.35 x 19.5mm), 4 #2 Phillips Head Screws (6.35 x 8.0mm), 4 clearance spacers (1/8"), and 2 clearance spacers (5/16").

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