Bussmann Division AFC-225 Tilt-Bin Glass Tube Fuse Center - 1 Bin Set

Bussmann Division


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Please call 320-763-7701 for product availability.

Turn any pegboard or shelf into a profit-building professional fuse center with interlocking tilt-bin sets. Bin rows are stocked with assortments of the fastest-selling fuses, holders and accessories. Transparent, tilt-out bins make selection a snap, and let you check inventory at a glance. Bins can be stacked in any combination so you can modify your display to fit your customer's needs. Reload part numbers are available for AFC-225, NO.225 and NO.227. The reloads are packed in a polybag labeled with the catalog number and UPC code. The AFC-225 Tilt-Bin Glass Tube Fuse Center contains 25 Each of glass tube fuses. Included fuses: AGC-5-R, 10-R, 15-R, 20-R, 25-R and 30-R A and SFE-14, 20 and 30 A.

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