Blue Ox BXW0851 TrackPro Weight Distribution Hitch with 9 Hole Shank - 800 lb. TW

Blue Ox


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The TrackPro is a revolutionary hitch that not only handles weight distribution but sway prevention as well by using the combination of loaded spring bars, friction L brackets and an integrated hitch head. As the trailer tries to sway it puts a heavier load on one side of the bars, as this happens the spring bars will pivot on the hitch head and balance load working with the friction L brackets to prevent and control trailer sway. The TrackPro will also conquer weight distribution at the same time, putting more weight on the towing vehicles front tires which increases steering control and braking giving you a safer and easier driving experience. Your TrackPro is backed by a limited lifetime limited warranty. Any unauthorized modifications to your TrackPro may void the warranty. The BXW0851 kit includes: (1) Hitch Head, (1) 9 Hole Receiver Hitch Mount, (1) 2-5/16" x 13K Rated Chrome Hitch Ball, (1) Driver Side L-Bracket Kit, (1) Passenger Side L-Bracket Kit, (2) 800 lb. Spring Bars, (1) Spring Bar Lift Tool Plate, (1) Spacer Tube, (2) Hex Bolts, (2) Hex Nuts, (2) Lock Washers, and (2) Spring Lock Pins.


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