Blackstone 1968 On The Go Tabletop Griddle with Hood - 22"



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Blackstone's On The Go Tabletop Griddle makes it easy to cook top-notch meals outdoors. This portable griddle is easy to transport and is perfect for a cookout while at the beach, park, campground, tailgate or any other outdoor location. The patented Rear Grease Management System utilizes a grease trap to provide easy cleanup and the hood keeps the cooking surface clean until you are ready to cook again. The griddle features a classically styled painted hood, an orange On The Go handle grip, updated national control knobs and a Piezo ignition. The Blackstone On The Go Tabletop Griddle is available in two different sizes: 17" griddle with a stainless steel "H" style burner with a powerful output of 12,500 BTU or a 22" griddle with two stainless steel “H" style burners with a total output of 24,000 BTU.


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