Bio-Kleen M02516 Kleen Wash - 55 Gallon

Bio-Kleen Products


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Bio-Kleen Kleen Wash is an economical, concentrated, liquid Boat, RV, Vehicle and Powersports Wash. The unique formulation quickly removes black streak, water sports, insects, dirt, dust and grime. Guards against ozone, ultraviolet rays and destruction with a 40 SPF. Cleans and removes contaminants that could bond to or etch the surface; without removing Bio-Kleen Polish and Sealant or regular waxes. Fortified with polymers leaving behind added protection and shine. Special ingredients help lubricate brushes and wash mitts to work more efficiently and prevent debris scratching. The rich long lasting high foam rinses away freely, leaving behind a clean, streak-free surface. Use on boats, RV, cars, trucks, campers, powersports vehicles, trailers, planes, trains, bus fleets, siding and mobile homes.


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