Bio-Kleen M00916 Qwik Shine - 55 Gallon

Bio-Kleen Products


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Bio-Kleen Qwik Shine is an easy way to quickly remove dust, smudges, bird hits and hard water spots while maintaining a brilliant shine on your boat, RV, car or truck. A spray-on, wipe-off detailing formula that cleans and shines; giving you all the gloss and protection of a polish in a fraction of the time. Enhances the depth of shine while adding a micro-layer of polymer and UV protection; creating a static-free surface. Helps deter water, dust, dirt, airborne pollutants and stains: Watch the water bead-up and roll off. No rinsing, no streaking and no residue for a Qwik Shine every time. May also be used for boat, RV and vehicle interiors; giving you shine and UV protection without the heavy sheen. Use on all boat, RV, trailer and automobile surfaces: fiberglass, paints, clearcoat, glass, isinglass, metals, chrome, exterior trim, moldings, vinyl, leather, rubber, plastic, counters, sunglasses, interiors, dash and finished wood.


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