Bio-Kleen M00805 Polish & Sealant - 16 oz.

Bio-Kleen Products


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Bio-Kleen Polish and Sealant is a liquid polish for boats, RV and automobiles. This deep cleaning polish removes dullness and enriches color. A unique, non-abrasive polish and sealant that bonds itself to the finish and creates a tough, slick protective shield against salt, acid rain, bird hits, tree sap, bug residue and UV rays. Long lasting 250° UV protection. The polymer sealant gives paint and fiberglass a high degree of detergent resistance while still maintaining a breathable surface. Use your boat/RV/auto day in, day out and still maintain excellent shine and protection. Apply to the exterior windshield and windows - water beads up and rolls off for a safe, clear view. Also excellent for household use on non-porous surfaces such as: shower doors, tiles fiberglass, mirrors, sinks, chrome and more. Easy On / Easy Off. Restores color and creates a brilliant shine. Polish, Seal and Protect all in one application. Leaves no swirl marks.


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