Bio-Kleen M00716 Oxidation Remover - 55 Gallon

Bio-Kleen Products


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Bio-Kleen Oxidation Remover is a boat and RV fiberglass cleaner. It is specifically designed to quickly remove common yellow stains from fiberglass boat hulls experienced in many waterways. Also removes the dull, chalking from fiberglass RV exteriors. In addition to the yellow hue and stains it removes spider stains and droppings, algae and scum lines, scale, chalking, general buildup and buildup from water minerals. Also removes rust and water mineral stains from a variety of surfaces including sprinkler overspray. Use on fiberglass boat hulls, fiberglass RV exteriors, stainless steel, concrete, sprinklers, vinyl siding and more. For Teak Wood, spray on, scrub, wipe off to clean and renew color. BIO-KLEEN OXIDATION REMOVER is excellent for removing chalking and stains within dry/indoor storage where rinsing is not permitted.


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