Alpha Systems 2020002376 QFT Fleece Tape - 1/32" x 2" x 90', Pack of 8

Alpha Systems


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Please call 320-763-7701 for product availability.

ALPHAFLEECE PSA Tape is longer-lasting than butyl, acrylic, and asphalt-based adhesives and 100% VOC free, making it an ideal choice waterproofing and building envelope applications. ALPHAFLEECE features a thermoplastic, pressure sensitive hot melt adhesive and fleece facer. With an instant tack, it adheres to just about anything on your RV: wood, metal, fiberboard, ISO board, concrete, and other substrates. Installation is easy with this peel-and-stick adhesive. Just remove the release paper backing as needed, then firmly press the tape into place in order to activate adhesive bonding. For best results, all involved surfaces should be free of oil, dirt, and any other contaminants prior to application of the adhesive.

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